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This is where that Iconic Smiling face from Smiling Friends came from

Better than the actual movie

This takes back to the original looney tunes shorts and then gives it more drugs

Honestly, This is what we need more of in animation

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This is a classic game

It should be remembered for how Violent and legendary it is

Even something as bad as the Springfieldians constantly getting in the way of Shooting the Flanders Family won't bring me down because they do it so well, and I finally get to shoot Lisa

Aprime responds:

Glad you remember it as a classic!
It's nice to be able to shoot them as much as you like

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This is so stylistic

I don't know why but this is giving me vibes of My Life as a Teenage Robot

Maybe it's because of the stylish fashion of the characters or the thicker line weight in this piece

But damn it's still amazing

Looks way better than the show

It also feels more hand-drawn than the show

This art is good, but this is a bad mindset to have

Bob Camp is the true creator of the show

John was always late for meetings and missed deadlines

Heck, Bob worked more on Ren and Stimpy than John K did, Bob even worked during Games Animation on seasons 1 -5 while John only worked for the first 2 seasons

If we're gonna keep Ren and Stimpy back in the 90's, then we might as well keep stuff like Harry Potter and Toy Story in the 90's too

But please don't say Ren and Stimpy is all John's show, because many artists who did more work for the show and came on time for work put more effort than John did

Especially Bob Camp, Chris Reccardi, Vincent Waller, Pat Ventura, Lynne Naylor, Bill Wray, David Feiss

I'm a guy who draws art and Animation. My art is stylized and surreal, but I usually draw about 5 Aquatic Mutants fighting off a Bachelor Roach
I don't do Requests and I hate american cheese

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